Ultimate Spyphone for Nokia

 The Original Unrivaled Software –  JUST GOT BETTER

This latest “Original Full Suite” now includes

 Time Stamped Voice Recording Features  

    Features:                                                                                                              Delivery: Ex-Stock or 24-hours

       Spy phone - Listen to surrounding vicinity of the handset
       Text Forward - Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages
       Text Alert - Receive an SMS notification when TP connects to an incoming/outgoing call
       Interceptor - Listen to both sides of a call in progress
       Boot/SIM - Receive SMS notifications of all online and offline activities
       Location Info - Receive an SMS location of the handset to the nearest phone mast
       Reboot - Reboots the handset to eliminate performance issues
       Status Report - Receive notifications of the software operation status
       NEW Room Recording - Record the surrounding vicinity of the handset and receive recordings
         directly to your specified email address.
       NEW Call Recording - Record incoming/outgoing calls and receive recordings directly to your
         specified email address.
      The Ultimate Spyphone has been the most popular for year 2009.  Delivery: Ex-Stock
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  1. This software works on Symbian Mobile Phones.

  2. This is an all new Spy Phone Software, completely re-written from sketch.

  3. No reboot or backlight after x amount of spy call time.

  4. No freezing (especially during call interception).

  5. Handles unlimited call conference callers.

Install our intelligent software on any compatible mobile phone handset and you will receive our groundbreaking Ultimate Spyphone Pro software package.  This is the original, unrivaled software which now supports brilliant recording features.  Recovering stolen handsets and finding missing children are just 2 examples of using this amazing software.
This is an excellent monitoring tool to be used as an additional security layer to your handset, ideally to combat mobile phone theft or mobile intimidation.  Our software uses a highly advanced and intelligent program that works in its own environment without conflicting with the normal operation of the handset to offer the very best mobile phone surveillance on the market.
Our Ultimate Spyphone Pro combines our original Full Suite software package with fantastic new recording features. You can remotely trigger the software to record the room environment or record all your incoming and outgoing calls (with time & date) which are then seamlessly uploaded to your email address for playback or storage.  Gathering audio evidence has never been easier.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  I see lots of this type of software but for much cheaper. Why ?
It’s about time we made the truth clear.  We ask you to try any other software available and see how it lasts or how good it actually is before it ruins your handset.  We can provide all other software is either a copy or very poorly programmed and is nowhere near the same quality genuine software we can offer.
Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  Do you offer a guarantee ?
Absolutely! We 100% guarantee our software is genuine from our software developers in Europe and we have been given unconditional supports.  We can guarantee our software WORKS.
Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  Why is Ultimate Spyphone Pro different ?
We have taken our original Full Suite software and added groundbreaking new recording features.  There is nobody else in the world who can offer this software.  You can now remotely trigger the software to activate the recording feature for either the surrounding room environment or switch to record all incoming and outgoing calls.  The hidden audio files are then silently uploaded via small packets of GPRS to your specified email address for playback or storage as evidential proof.
Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  Is there any third party intervention or is the software operating through a server ?
Our software is standalone which means there is no other communication protocol except between the Target Phone and Receiver Phone.  Once installed, our software only obeys the number you inputted as the receiver phone.  No server and no secondary communication protocols whatsoever.
Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  Why would I want to use this software ?
Typical uses would be to gather audio evidence of your child’s mobile phone activities.  Maybe there is bullying or intimidation taking place and you need the audio evidence to prove this.  If your handset is stolen, you will receive the thief’s recorded content of all incoming and outgoing calls accompanied with a time & date.  In both instances, what better way to present evidence.
Welcome!! please click here to enter our official website..  Why is it that only you can sell this software ?
Only the true developers can offer genuine, stable and unrivaled software. 
This is a brand new world first release:
  • 100% GENUINE software
  • One file installation
  • Very low memory for ultimate performance
  • Easy to install
  • Does not conflict or tamper with the handset
  • No sensitive date stored on 3rd party servers
  • Full control of the software via simple SMS commands
  • Full Suite features are perfect for obtaining evidential proof
  • No logging whatsoever
  • Completely hidden software
  • Bullet proof reliability
  • Future proof technology



第九代監聽手機基本監聽功能:現場監聽、通話內容監聽、簡訊監看、來電去電通知、更換 SIM 通知、簡訊告知手機所在位置代碼,新增通話內容錄音回傳功能、現場錄音回傳功能,無簡訊費、無通話費,功能再進化,我們相信,科技始終來自於人性。








更換SIM卡通知:當他換一張SIM 卡時,手機將會通知您對方已經更換 SIM 卡 (可利用簡訊開啟或關閉此功能)。



可簡訊遠端遙控的功能包括 :


  Complete Pricing: 

                                      A) Full Suite (As stated per bullet points features in the above) @ RM9,550

                                      B) Full Suite EXCEPT Room Recording & Call Recording @ RM8,550

                                      C) Text Forward (Intercept SMS) and Spyphone (listen to surrounding vicinity) @ RM7,750

                                      D) Text Forward (Intercept SMS) and Text Alert (caller identification alert) @ RM6,750

                                      E) Text Forward (Intercept SMS) @ RM5,750

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