Spyphone for Android Phones with Call Recording    

  Special Offer for Android Spyphones @ RM8500, Dealer: RM6500 Updated: 15.5.2016
 Ideal for All Android phones such as Samsung Note3/4/5, S3/4/5, S6 and S7 Grand 2, HTC, Lenovo, etc\
  Latest Models supported are Samsung Galaxy S6, (SM-G920F, SM-G925F), Samsung Note 5 (Model: N9208)
                                              Call Recording  +  SMS + GPS + Phonebook + ...  

This latest Software Version (Released Oct. 2012 and revised on 15 May, 2016), once installed on

Target Phone will secretly capture data such as “Calls Voice Recording”, SMS, Emails,

Copy of entire Phonebook and GPS locations. 

And, the captured information will then be sent to a secured Private Web Account.

Features Summarized:

• Voice Call Recording - Record incoming calls or outgoing calls conversation

• Voice Room Recording - Record "surrounding voice" when Target Phone is idle (not all Android phones).

• Take Picture - Take picture when a call is received or made (not all Android phones).

• GPS Tracking - capture GPS location of Target phone.

• SMS Logging - Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.

• Call History – capture entire call history of Target phone.

• Web History - View browser history

• Internet Bookmark - Bookmark Logging

• 1 Year License - Unlimited Device change within 1 year

• 100% Secured – work silently in stealth mode, completely undetectable

• Remote Control  - Setting is done by sending "SMS commands to Target phone"

• Easy 123 - Easy to install and the software is user-friendly.


Newly Released, 15.5.2016:  All the above features + Email + Whatsapp  at RM9500, Dealer: RM7500

Software Compatibility:

   Exclusive Authorized Distributor in Malaysia:
    Leading Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd                     
    10A,Jalan PJS9/2, Bandar Sunway,
    46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.                                       
    Tel: (03) 5631-5628, (017) 888-9932   Fax: (03) 5631-5633.                                   
    Website: www.leading.com.my   E-Mail: benlim@leading.com.my