Spyphone for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian... 

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 Options A: 
                                                      Call Recording  +  Camera Snapshot  


     Spy Call - Listen to surrounding vicinity of the handset (Except Android Phones)

     Call Interceptor - Listen to phone calls in progress (Except Android Phones)

     Text Forward - Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text (SMS) messages

     Text Alert - Receive an SMS notification when Target Phone (TP) [*] connects to incoming/outgoing calls

     GPS Location - get GPS location from your Pre-Defined Email address (PDE) [*]

     SIM Change Alert - Receive SMS notifications of all online and offline activities

     Location Info - Receive SMS location of the handset to the nearest phone mast

     Reboot - Reboots the handset to eliminate performance issues

     Room Recording - Record Surrounding vicinity of handset and send recorded voice to your PDE

     Call Recording - Record incoming/outgoing calls of TP and then send recorded voice to your PDE (Except iPhones)

     Upload Contacts - Upload all contacts in address book of TP to your PDE

     Fake SMS - Send SMS from Target Phone (TP) to any number and any contains

     Take Picture - Take picture from back camera if TP when making call (Except iPhones)

     Transferable - You may "Activate" and "Deactivate" Software of TP and then Re-Activate the software on another phone

        (Transfer from Android phone to another Android Phone, Nokia phone to another Nokia phone, iPhone to another iPhone)

     Buy Back Option Available - Please contact us.


 Supported Phones: 

     Nokia Symbian S60 OS9.x Phones

     iPhone 4, 4S (iOS 4.x iOS 5.1.1)

     Android Phones.

Option B:  (Recomended for Android Phones)
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 Options C: (Recomended for iPhone or Blackberry Phones)  


This latest Spyphone software, once installed in a Target Phone, discretely captures information such as SMS, Emails, WhatsApp Messages (on iPhone and Android phones), BlackBerry Messages (on BlackBerry devices), Call Logs and GPS locations.  Once captured, the information is then sent to a secured private web account where all is revealed.   

Call Interception - Listen to phone calls in progress

Spy Call - Listen to surroundings when the phone is idle

GPS Tracking Capture GPS locations and display on Google Maps

SMS Logging -  Capture contents of all SMS messages.

BBM Messages (Blackberry) Capture Blackberry messenger record

Call History - View entire call history

Email Logging Capture complete emails sent from the mobile

WhatsApp Messages Capture contents of WhatsApp messages

Address Book Capture complete Phonebook records

Unlimited Device change for 1 year

100% Completely undetectable

Remote Control Setting by sending SMS commands to Target Phone

Support Symbian, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Phones.

Easy to install 

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