GPS Navigation System for PC or Laptop
Tired of small screen and slow speed for navigation and trip planning?
Now, transfer your laptop to a Navigator. Our GPS Navigation system is ideal for for laptops,
tablet PCs and any windows based PCs. The precise mapping, abundant POI,
dynamic route guidance and back-on-track auto-recalculation are all developed with users in mind.
This is what you need for your travel.

Tested and Certified for the following operating systems: Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
Features and Benefits
- Malaysia and Singapore pre-loaded maps, includes both islands, mapped roads, streets,
  motorways, one way systems and restrictions.

- Intelligent voice guidance, turn-by-turn voice directions

- Easy using user interface

- Navigate to destination, plot route by address, street, intersection or point of interest

- Displays distance to destination, your current speed, and estimated time to arrival

- Store locations of personal contacts for quick look up

- Zoom in and out, down to individual roads and streets

- Optimise destination route, choose shortest or quickest distance

- Day or night screen option for ease of use in all conditions

- Track recording, record and plot new routes

- Find Petrol stations, ATM, hotels and hospitals in your immediate area
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